Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Those Days, December

As if the all the holiday action wasn't quite enough, here are some more pics from December that capture some of the other action this month.

I made a surprise trip to Seattle on my way to a conference in San Francisco!

Then across the Golden Gate Bridge I went, over to Cavallo Point.

A report from home from all the girls that live on our block. :)


A megastorm came. I barely got out of San Francisco...

I got stranded in Minnesota. And RESCUED by a friend & colleague who made everything alright with Christmas cookies & an (appropriately named) cold beer.

Delta gave me world's tiniest toothpaste and world's most see-through t-shirt.

HOME. And snuck away to The Head & The Heart concert with my main squeeze.

These are scenes from a school performance about North America. 

Back to our everyday moments.

A special "girls only" afternoon -

"No Pictures Please."