Monday, October 21, 2013

Mouse Countdown!!

So....this is 10 days.  Four Schneiders are heading to Disney World! (Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.)

The reveal: 

(I love how Josie is worried about missing school & Bea is wondering if they'll have a Farmer's Market.)

The backstory: My job rocks the house. The tricky bit for the kids is that my job requires about 4 weeks away a year. The super-duper mega bonus, we often get to piggy-back family trips on top of my work travel. So, big conference in Orlando = big surprise trip to Disney for the kids. And, get this, Lou is doing an expert witness interview at the airport as well, so his flight will be covered too. (Woot.)

The details: I'll be at the conference Sun-Weds and then (SuperPapa) Louie will fly down solo with the girls to join us on Wednesday evening. We'll have 3 full days at Disney - Thursday, Friday & Saturday. We'll fly home together on Sunday.

The ask: We are super overwhelmed by the entire thing.  Our kids barely know their Aurora from their Arielle but that's not going to stop us from soaking up everything we can at "The Happiest Place on Earth." They do both LOVE the Mouse. I went once as a kid and Louie has never been (gasp).  We welcome suggestions, "don't miss"es and "don't spend the money on"s.  We're trying to keep costs to a minimum (with the recognition that 'minimum' is relative when it comes to Orlando).