Monday, December 17, 2012

The unveiling

Over the weekend, Josie and Bea spent the night at Grandma & DD's (a first for Bea!) while Lou and I had 24 hours kid-free (for the first time since March 2011, if anyone's counting).

Sadly, I had a stomach bug but happily we had already made plans to stay in anyway. We've been collecting things for the girls' new room ever since we moved in. It was the only room in the house that the previous owners left unfinished. (Blank canvas!) And it took me about this long to get over the fact that the people who bought our old house made us leave every single bit of bedroom beauty that we put together for them (right down to the closet baskets....grrrr) which meant starting from scratch in this room.

 As an early Christmas surprise, we spent this 24 hour totally making over their room from the boring brown, curtain-less BLAH to a sweet and simple room that can evolve to suit them over the next several years.

Here are some of the BEFORE PICS:

Note boring ceiling fan with NO light, tan walls, changing table & general ho-hum

Note ugly shade and disorganized Baby Doll Chaos

And some DURING pics:
Because we know our limitations, we hired an expert

The report from Xenia: Cookies & Santa!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have LIGHT!

Organization means "some assembly required"

And now for the AFTER pics:
Organized! Verdant! Lovely!

It was only a matter of time before we found somewhere to put Graham & Brown wallpaper. 

YAY - lovely light coming through the windows!

I've had these since the bedrest days before Bea was born!

Let me explain: We are getting the girls bunk-beds as the next step, but for now this is the solution. Bea still sleeps in her bed, but often falls asleep first reading books in Josie's bed. We moved the crib back in after the big reveal, but expect Bea to be completely over it soon!

I can't get enough of the curtains! 

And now for the video:

Oh, one last side by side: