Wednesday, February 9, 2011

37 week update

Despite the fact that I either still have the stomach flu or got the stomach flu again, things are looking better in week 37.  My body is getting used to moving again (although this darn stomach bug laid me up for a few more days).  I am also starting to feel the tell-tale signs of impending labor - the achy hips, the notorious "waddle", and the "ah heck this is really gonna happen, isn't it" panic attacks. 

At my doctor's appointment today, we discovered that my body is starting to progress toward labor again now that I am off of bedrest. Contractions have picked back up, I am a 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and the baby is now head down and low at -2 station.  As anyone who has had a baby knows, that really doesn't mean diddly. I could go into labor tonight or in another month. One thing is for sure - we trust that she will come when she's ready.  Um...maybe we should try to get ready ourselves.

I am a little nervous about our plans for another unmedicated childbirth in the physical condition I am in and really hope that we're not in store for another 18-hour active labor marathon like Miss Josephine's (check out her birth story here).  That said, we have a doula we really trust, I know Lou will be the "rock" that he was last time, and I know what my body is capable of doing.  Our wish is for a couple more weeks of healing and recovery from the bedrest and stomach virus before we enter into the craziness of having a newborn.  We'll see...  :)

My Ambitious Valentine

You would think I learned my lesson last year after spending a solid week on the Flamingo Valentines that Josephine saw in a magazine and "had to" make. This year, we thought we were going for something more simple - until we got to Michael's. That's when Josie proudly announced that the valentines for her class were going to have "paint and glitter and stickers." We are now on day three of creating 24 hand-made, heart-shaped, painty, glittery, gluey valentines. I gotta say - I love her creativity! (And again her generous little spirit shines, as she is so excited to be making and giving something to all of her friends that she can hardly stand it!)