Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Ambitious Valentine

You would think I learned my lesson last year after spending a solid week on the Flamingo Valentines that Josephine saw in a magazine and "had to" make. This year, we thought we were going for something more simple - until we got to Michael's. That's when Josie proudly announced that the valentines for her class were going to have "paint and glitter and stickers." We are now on day three of creating 24 hand-made, heart-shaped, painty, glittery, gluey valentines. I gotta say - I love her creativity! (And again her generous little spirit shines, as she is so excited to be making and giving something to all of her friends that she can hardly stand it!)

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Anonymous said...

My kind of girl. I spent 6 hours on Sunday helping a friend of mine's little girl make homemade Valentines, catepillars for the girls and robots for the boys. I loved every minute of it, and to watch their imagination is so cute. Josie your Valentine's are beautiful. Laurie