Monday, August 12, 2013

Home (from the PNW).

We're back. At least physically. Mentally - almost.  Our 10 day trip to the Pacific Northwest was absolute perfection. There are hundreds of photos to tell the tale, but those won't make it on the blog just yet.  Oddly, last week's red-eye home is still taking it's toll. In fact, our girls are both asleep before 9pm for the first time since we've been home. We're almost back on EST.  We're on the other side of piles of salty laundry. There are still several new beach treasures finding permanent homes in the heart of the Midwest.

Maybe you were following along on Instagram, but with super-spotty coverage, I promise you there's even more goodness populating the "FULL DRIVE" on my camera.  In the meantime, here's a little video sneak peak of all that good PNW beach goodness.

And, in case you haven't stumbled upon the joys of flipagram yet, here's my iphone camera roll from the trip reduced to < 1 minute.