Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1st

Let me tell you about March 1st. Five years ago today a dark cloud lifted. I started bedrest on Halloween and by Christmas was on bedrest full-time. We fought through the longest, scariest and most trying winter of our lives--thinking we may lose her at every turn. Every day we just hoped for one more day to pass without another incident. (Their were only three little birds, we wouldn't lose a fourth & everything would be alright.) For so long it was just get us through November. Then December. Then just get us through January. Then February. Then one day I looked up and it was March 1st. Winter was over - literally and metaphorically. Spring was coming. She was safe. We all survived. When it was time to name her, Lou had the perfect name. Beatrice Starling - after this song right here. And last night, on the eve of March 1st and just days before she'll turn five, Josh Ritter sang out these words and all the emotions came rushing back. "Hello Blackbird, Hello Starling, Winter's over, Be my Darling. A long time coming but now the snow is gone." It's so easy in the day-to-day to lose perspective, to take things for granted and to forget the miracle that is each and every one of our children. But you can bet March 1st isn't one of those days for us. 💕

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