Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gone Phishin'

Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trains, Planes & Tractors -
but this was our first Water Taxi ride to a show
This summer, my daddy-o and I snuck away to Chicago for a three-day Phishy weekend at Northerly Island. It was pretty much everything we both needed and more. Pretty amazing to channel the inner 20 year old versions of ourselves and spend the weekend dancing our buns off, staying up until all hours of the morning, sleeping until all hours of the afternoon and did I mention dancing?  Between the two of us, we have about 100 shows under our belts. I became a Phish "Senior Citizen" this weekend by hitting shows 65, 66 & 67 since my first show in 1995. Dad and I have had a string of Phish adventures together that involves a big cast of characters made up of some of the best people we know. And, even though the two of us were flying solo this weekend, there was a lot of conversation kicked off with sentences that started "Remember that show at X..."!  Really, there just aren't the words to describe how great of a weekend this was. I mean, I got to spend three whole days with my dad! At three whole nights at Phish shows!  Definitely a summer highlight, and honestly a lifetime highlight, that I'll never forget.

This kid works grounds really got into the Hood glowstick war.
Love when the staff "surrenders to the flow."
Score! Our spot - three nights running.

Best Seat in The House (in more ways than one)!

Special MVP of the trip goes to one Amanda Austin who welcomed the two of us crazy kids to crash their otherwise normal weekend! The Austins kept us rested, fed and hydrated so we could actually pull this marathon off. And, get this, my sista even acted as a personal chauffeur into the city each night! Driving into the city twice in one evening is ground for thanks enough BUT factor into the return trip that picking us up meant waiting on the side of the highway for us and fending off the cops for an hour with promises that the two of us would be there "any minute, really, I swear."  Seriously sissy, this weekend was a dream come true and it wouldn't have been possible at all without you. NEXT YEAR YOU ARE COMING WITH US!!!!

Curious to see what the fun is all about? Here ya go!