Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beba and her "bubbas"

You need to know two things about Beatrice in relation to this post:

1. Ever since Cousin Jack was here for a week this July and called her "Baby Beba," the "Beba" part really stuck and that's now how she refers to herself. This is the most recent development in a long line of nicknames for our dear Beatrice Starling.

2. Beba is obsessed with bubbles--so much in fact that "bubbas" was one of her first words. She could spent all day every day splashing around in sinks filled with soapy water. And, now that she can carry the stool to the sink, turn around the water, pump the soap and do it herself--well--there's a whole lot of moments that look a bit like this throughout the course of day.


She's also decided to potty train herself. So there's also a fair amount of this:

And because she is just the cutest, sweetest most adorable little bubba-loving Beba on the planet, there's also quite a bit of of this:

Go ahead, smooch that sweet little cheek, 
right there on your computer screen. 
No one will judge you.