Tuesday, December 20, 2011

THIS Moment

Amanda Blake Soule does this great Friday ritual called "this moment" where she posts (and encourages others to post) one photo that captures a moment from the week. I am totally cheating in that it is not Friday, and I'm writing instead of just posting the photo. But this moment is pretty important, and in case it is not clear to those of you looking at this photo why it matters so much, let me explain.

THIS moment was one of the first when I realized Josie & Bea were actually playing together

[Josie set up what she called "A Baby AdventureLand for babies zero & a-half and older and big girls too but definitely not newborn babies because it would be too hard."  She then showed Bea around the different blankets she set up with toys spread out across each one. Gosh I love these girls!]

Feeling Fancy

Here is the Mr. and I all gussied up in our holiday finery for the annual (although the first one in a couple of years) lawfirm holiday party.  Josie was so wowed by my dress (and earrings and pantyhose and heels and makeup and youtube tutorial up-do) that her jaw literally dropped and she let out this huge "Whoa, Wow, you look like a princess!"  Thanks Josie.  Getting dressed up is pretty fun!