Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Part One

The Schneider Family Thanksgiving, Wednesday Evening, National Exemplar Restaurant, Mariemont

(Grandma "Fifi", Uncle Mark & Aunt Paula, Uncle Robert with Josie,
Cousins Morgan & Katrina, Lou with Beatrice, Grandpa"Bop" and me)

(Clearly these girls love their big cousins!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

CBA Ballet Day

Josie is taking classes again at the Cincinnati Ballet Academy. Last weekend was one of the two days each year when parents get to observe (and snap photos) of the class. Josie really delights in taking the classes and it is fun to watch her having so much fun (and being a really good listener by the way - even with the distractions of other kids who weren't quite in the mood for listening on this particular occasion).  Here's our little Josie "balleting" it up.

Pre-Ballet Breakfast
Pre-Ballet Stretching (for Josie & her Bunny)

Hop like a Frog

Stomp like an Elephant

Wobble like a Bird

Curtsy to end Class

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another fun Cincinnati annual event - the Balluminaria at Eden Park.  We ran into lots of friends on what was an unseasonably warm night to enjoy the balloons glow over mirror lake.

Lou does double-daughter-duty:

Look who we found - Lo Sto & Co!

We also met Josie's bff Donna (who runs the childcare program at Josie's school a.k.a. the reason why Josie insists on staying until 3 every day when she could come home at 12). Little Quinny is clearly impressed.  :)

Yea, here's sweet Bea with evidence of why they call it at Balloon GLOW:

Donna & Quinn after dark:

(Man, we are loving us some Cincinnati right now.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neltners Farm

One more post to get me almost mostly caught up to November.

Remember how I recently said that Cincinnati has been impressing us lately? Well, its proximity to beauitful places is just one of the reasons for this.

In bucking our annual Hall-zoo-ween tradition, we met our friends Katrina & Stella at Neltner's Farm about half-hour down into Kentucky. After all, it was the weekend before Halloween and we didn't even have pumpkins! The trip to this farm didn't disappoint. Really, is there anything better than (3!) pony rides, pumpkins on the vine, hayrides, corn mazes, warm apple cider, dancing, face painting and (most importantly) lots of Kentucky farmland to run freely?

I'd say these photos really speak for themselves. Enjoy (and add Neltner's to your To Do list for October 2012.)