Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Intermission: Mama Morning at the Aquarium

We now break from our coverage of the first week of July to report on a more recent event - today's "Mama Morning," otherwise known as "West Coast Wednesday," that took place today at the Newport Aquarium.

(Leave it to Cincinnatians to go from complaining about the rain one minute to begging for a break from the heat the next.)

It was a beautiful day.

Bea conquered her fear of walking on the glass tanks. 

And, Bea was finally deemed "ready" for the "Frog Bog" playground - with the thoughtful supervision of a gentle older sister. 

We arrived at feeding time!

Because no one is afraid to walk through the tunnels and glass bottoms anymore, we had lots of fun today in the tanks!

I love how they're looking at each other here. They have become the best of friends this summer!

Bonus Feature:  Two photos from last week's "Mama Morning" at the pool.  

And there are still "Mama Morning" Butterfly Show pics coming soon to a blog near you!