Thursday, September 27, 2012

A trip down the Yellow Brick Road & A Circle Around the Sun

Yes indeed. Our Josephine turned five. Sure it was several weeks ago, but the whole turning five thing is a big deal. So in my efforts to fully catch up on all the joy of the Summer of 2012, here's the recap of our big girl's birthday.

It started with a pretty awesome Wizard of Oz themed birthday party at the Winton Place pool (the site of her second birthday party back in the day).  Even though rain threatened to ruin the whole thing (and we spent the 48 hours leading up the big event talking through every possible Plan B scenario), the clouds literally parted when Little Miss Sunshine walked through the pool gates.

Thanks so much to everyone who made the journey, from near and far, in storms and cloudy skies to make Josie's 5th birthday such a joyous celebration. She is unbelievably blessed to have such generous and caring friends and family!

On the date of her actual birthday, we headed to Kokomo, Indiana to celebrate my Aunt Pat's wedding. (More on that here.) And we even managed a pic of Josie in her annual birthday crown, as well as a surprise hotel party before the wedding (Thanks so much Tia!!)

And there were some big presents this year! Her favorites including a new doll "Lacey Lizzy" as she named her, a microscope she'd been begging us for since the previous birthday, and her first bike.

In other birthday excitement, this week we got to visit her school for the ceremonious montessori "Circles Around the Sun" - made even more special this year since she didn't have to wait for her half birthday.

While there, she shared with us her awesome Kandinsky-inspired masterpiece hanging on the bulletin board.

Here's the real Kandinsky piece. Pretty cool, huh. (Color me impressed.)


Every year you amaze us even more with the gentle, loving, compassionate, daring, intelligent, curious little girl that you are.