Our Birth Plan

Here is the birth plan we used with Josephine, updated to use with our second birth. Feel free to copy and paste it and make modifications for your own birthing experience.

Our Birth Vision
Parents - Carri & Lou Schneider / OBGYN – Dr. Firestein / Doula – Shakira Rae Adams

Thank you for partnering with us in the birth of our second child. While we understand that no one can plan how the labor and birth of their baby will go, we present this birth vision to you as a means for clarifying our hopes and expectations.  While we prefer to adhere to these wishes as much as possible, we know that the health and well-being of the baby and mother are the top priority and will remain flexible when medically necessary. This is an exciting time for us. We sincerely thank you for your participation and truly appreciate the knowledge and expertise that you bring to the birth of our child.

* We are planning a natural, un-medicated birth using Hypnosis and have completed a 10-week training course to learn Hypnobirthing methods. Accordingly, we will be using Hypnobirthing techniques such as deep-breathing, visualization, and hypnosis throughout the labor.  Our daughter, delivered by Dr. Lautman here at Good Sam, was born without the use of medication using the same Hypnobirthing techniques in August 2007.
* In order to stay within the hypnotic state, the mother asks that all communication during labor please go through the father or doula.  They will then pass on any information to me when I am ready. 
* We would like to be given time to privately discuss any interventions or deviations from this vision & ask that our verbal consent is required before any exams, procedures, etc.

During Labor, we prefer:
* To labor in a quiet, dimly-lit environment free from unnecessary medical personnel (including no visits from anesthesiologist unless we request to meet him/her)
* To labor with assistance from our doula & in whatever positions are most comfortable
* To monitor the baby intermittently by Hand-Held Doppler/Transducer and according to ACOG guidelines: 1-2 minutes every half hour during early labor & 1-2 minutes every 15 minutes during birth
* To have access to food/liquids throughout the labor
* To have vaginal exams at my request only and to share results of exams with doula and husband first
* To stay hydrated orally (Heparin lock instead of IV & only if medically necessary)
* To progress naturally without induction by breaking water, medication such as Pitocin, etc. If induction is deemed necessary, we prefer to use natural self-induced techniques first.

During Birth/Delivery, we prefer:
* To maintain the same quiet, dimly-lit environment while the baby is born / no bright perineal lighting, etc.
* To apply warm compresses to prepare for birth & to support the baby’s head upon birth without perineal massage and without an episiotomy
* To use self-directed, spontaneous and gentle pushing without coaching, counting, holding breath, etc.
* To birth in whatever position is most comfortable to the mother & most conducive to a safe, natural delivery. (Mother wishes to avoid birthing on her back & prefers birthing without stirrups.)
* To avoid interventions such a forceps, vacuum, c-section, etc. unless there is a clear and imminent health risk. If my primary caregiver recommends a C-section, I would like a second opinion if time warrants.

Following birth, we prefer:
* To immediately place the baby on the mother’s chest/abdomen
* To delay cord clamping & cutting until after the cord has stopped pulsating
* To breast-feed within 30 minutes of delivery
* To naturally expel the placenta by nursing & without the use of massage, traction, or medication
* To delay separation from the mother & father for at least 2 hours after delivery
* No shots/vaccinations at birth
* To have informed choice regarding all newborn procedures & for all baby examinations to be done with permission and in presence of one or both parents
* To delay newborn procedures (Vitamin K, eye ointment, etc.) until at least 2 hours has lapsed & for one or both parents to be present during these procedures
* To feed by breast only & on demand without bottles, supplemental feedings, glucose water, pacifiers, etc.
* To “room-in” with baby / No separation unless there is a medical emergency / Father will accompany baby on visits out of the room