Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Recently, and in no particular order, we've been...

Enjoying long shadows at the end of long days.

Spending some parts of our summer learning.

Accidentally giving energy drinks to a certain 5 year old.

Making instagram videos.

#caffeinatedkid "I'm not top heavy" on repeat (in reference to a top heavy LaLaloopsy doll). This has been going on for almost 10 minutes. #sendbackup #prayforusall by @fourschneiders

Composing ditties.

New hit: "Strong baby, strong baby, don't drop it on your toes." by @fourschneiders

Showing off for the wee ones.

Putting mama-made twirl skirts to work.

Seizing mama's phone and playing with photo apps.
 Enjoying summer's finest blooms.

Chasing fireflies.

#chasingfireflies by @fourschneiders

Taking sweaty naps with old friends.

Happily enjoying our 6th month as vegetarians!

Cuddling at every turn.

Having impromptu family fiestas!

Going on morning family bike rides.

Discovering ponds.

 Braking for playgrounds.

Getting dizzy.

Picking wildflowers.

Climbing towers in the sunshine.

Passing out after a long day.

Cuddling some more.
Wanting time to ourselves.

Loving my job.

Appreciating the little things.

Making big summer plans for "Thaings To Do" on rainy summer days.

Sneaking out for time jalapeno margaritas and time with this sweet boy.

Discovering favorite new restaurants.

Trail-blazing in the backyard with DD.

Visiting with long-time friends.

Being resourceful.

Identifying and sketching birds that visit our feeder.

Running in the rain.

Playing "fairy" at sunrise.

Having pool play dates.

Using our imaginations.

Being totally silly.

Acting two.

Keeping it real.

Worshipping the sun.

Enjoying our patio after hours.

Scoring new treasures passed on to us from anonymous benefactors.

Staying hydrated.

Meeting with our monthly mother-daughter book club.

Creating masterpieces.

Slowing down when necessary.

Converting the patio to a young artist studio.

Growing epic orchids.

Kicking it old school.

Improvising when we skip naptime.

Creating summer goodies from scratch.


Cuddling some more.

 Playing together all day, every day.
Becoming regulars.

Reconnecting with old friends.

Rocking braids in hair that's been seen by more chlorine than shampoo.

Passing out with a good book.

Doing things "by yourself."

Slippin', Slidin' & Sippin' home brews.


Chasing the super moon.

Being at the pool when the gates open.

Soaking it up.


Making banana icecream.

Giving in.

Visiting mama in the office with matching outfits.

Appreciating the fleeting moments.

Watching them grow.

Saying good-bye to June & hello to July. What have you been doing recently?