Thursday, April 30, 2015

Those Days, April

April was...

Spring popping up all over the place.

The master plasterer hard at work.

Many weekends with Grandma as the fourth Schneider.

The birth of a Star Wars obsession.

Rain. And the fungi to prove it. 

Everything in bloom.

Rain. And the rain dances to prove it.

A night out with mama friends. (And deep-fried, sugar-powdered eggplant.)

Driveway days.

A neighborhood Bollywood lesson. 




The change of seasons.

Found treasures.

Bike rides (on bigger frames).

Beatrice - in all her epic glory.


Cartwheel practice.

A school presentation (better than many I've seen at the numerous conferences I attend each year).

Ice cream.

Golden hours.

Zoo adventures.


Neighborhood friendships rekindled by Spring. 

(April was also a MAGNIFICENT SMOKY MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE, but that gets its very own series of posts. Stay tuned.)