Wednesday, July 27, 2011

those little hands

Quite often during the day, Beatrice reaches out for her big sister....
 And Josie always obliges...
This little tiny hand and these teeny tiny fingers are too too precious.

(Dear Future Carri, while it is highly unlikely that you will ever forget the fact that Bea always, *always* wraps her hand around your finger when she's nursing, this is your reminder.)

Over a year

Remember that picture of Josie in the moving box on the front porch of our new house when we moved here last summer?  Well this totally reminded me of that moment - just over a year later - and my oh my how much has changed! With all of those huge changes, one thing remains the same - Josie is still such a silly goose. And she absolutely loves to make people laugh.  (Oh and regardless of how many toys she has, there's simply nothing quite as fun as a big 'ole box.)

Tummy Time

Now that Bea is a rolling machine, she winds up on her tummy quite often. She seems to like it there, at least for awhile, before realizing that she's stuck. I'm hoping the sweet little thing figures out how to return to her back soon because she gets so frustrated. Even Josie is amazed that Bea is old enough to be rolling already: "Now she's rolling, then she'll be crawling, then she'll be walking, then..."

Did I mention?

Things have been so unbelievably hectic around here lately that I've missed some pretty big updates. For example, Sweet Baby Bottle-Refusing Bea started eating solids. It was either wait until she was 6 months old like we are supposed to or let the poor little thing starve to death if I had to be away from her for more than two hours. So - solids it is.  (Trust me when I say we tried every bottle strategy in the book and spent more money than I'd like to admit on various bottles, nipples, etc.) So - yay - Bea is loving her some solids. Here she is with a face full of pears to prove it. 

I need to take some more photos where she looks a little less dear-in-the-headlights about the whole thing. Oh oh  oh, that reminds me - while I gave Beatrice her first bite of food, Josie gave her the second bite and I was able to snap this quick pic on my phone before stopping Josie from totally gagging her.


If you look closely on the bridge of this sweet little girl's nose, there is the perfect patch of sweet little freckles. And I love them.