Friday, August 30, 2013

Washington (4): Mt. Rainier

There were A LOT of really special things about our 10 days in Washington (and to think you've only seen days 1-3 so far!) but one of the big highlights for Lou & the girls was their day trip to Mt. Rainier.

"Please take our picture or my wife will never forgive me."
Many of you are lucky enough to know Lou personally, and when his daughters read this one day when they are older, I want them to know this about him. Lou's up for just about anything in the name of experiencing something new.

  • Spend a summer in Costa Rica? 
  • Move in with people he barely knew above a Bagel Shop & end up marrying one of them? 
  • Convince his wife to take up scuba diving in preparation for a two-week trip to the Kingdom of Tonga? 
  • Take the aforementioned wife snorkeling with humpback whales? Cage-diving with sharks? Why not?
  • (Don't get me started on all of our Phish show adventures over the years.)
  • Spend weeks of classes and hours of practice learning "Hypnobirthing" to help the aforementioned wife through two pretty insane natural childbirths? Of course!
  • Take two kids under 6 hiking up a mountain, flying totally solo? You bet'cha!

So, while there were no text updates or instagrammed moments of this epic journey, there were lots of happy memories accumulated.  And, I was THRILLED that a certain someone took my advice and wrapped the camera around his neck, even though that meant carrying a camera AND a two-year old up a mountain.  But, alas, he survived. And alas, we get to glimpse into that special day.

"Pose on the mountain"

"We hiked all the way to SNOW!"

Next time, Mt. Rainier. Next time. Can't wait to meet you.