Saturday, December 3, 2011

Videos of Dinnertime Fun!

Here are two videos that both make me smile. I hope they make you smile too. What sweet, silly girls we have!

(By the way, their smile to each other at the very end is my favorite!)

Thanksgiving Part Two

In keeping with tradition, we had a full house for the Thanksgiving holiday with Tia, Tio, Lyla, Jack, Grandma & DD all making the trip to spend Wednesday-Sunday at the Schneider house.  For the most part (save a poor sick Tia & Jack) - it was a great weekend thanks to incredible weather, incredible food & incredible silliness and sweetness among the cousins.


It all started with a hug SO BIG that it required ice packs!

Josie and Lyla set the Thanksgiving table - complete with a crayon, book, two carrots and stick of celery for everyone. Hilarious.

Chef Lou makes a beauty of a bird! (Thanks to everyone for the help with sides!!)

Oh Jack - love him so much! This kid is hysterically adorably cool.

Another highlight - "Jobot" and "Robird" - which reminds me, have you seen the Wired Magazine Five Best Toys of All Time?


Off to the Festival of Lights at the Zoo where it was a balmy (and crowded) 60 degrees! AWESOME!

(Sorry Tia - no video but we will always have the memory of Lyla's quote: "Mom, those tigers said they liked my hat!")

Josie was just as amused and amazed by these talking talking interacting with her as she was two years ago. (Trip down Memory Lane? Click here.)

The Twinkle Trail - everybody's favorite

(Add this to the collection of photos we have of Josie and Lyla eating popcorn together.)


Before hitting up the Red Tree Gallery for Coffee, Sewn Studio for a new project and Brazee School of Glass for some jewelry fittings, we all went on a trip to our favorite park "The Pig & The Whale" at Lunken!


Yes, indeed. Much to be thankful for this year!

(Head on over to FOUR AUSTINS for my sister's snaps for the weekend.)