Sunday, November 30, 2014

These Days, November

November was truly a bit of a blur. It was busy on many different fronts and involved lots of personal and professional obligations. But we survived it, and alas it is now firmly December. Here's the wrap-up of all the November action that didn't make it on the blog yet.

Slow sister time.

Adventures with a new best friend.

Life lessons.

The run-up to the first of three business trips to close out the year.

Palm Springs in November - can't beat it.  Lots of hard work & the reward of good times with colleagues to close out each long day.

A surprise discovery in Cincinnati Family Magazine.

Scenes from around the house.

Styled by Beatrice

Out and about, acting silly with my girlies.

A rare warmish day spent playing!

First fire of the season.

Josephine insisted on collecting the wood all by herself. 

More family fun.

Lots of this lately. Lucky Beatrice loves wearing her cousin's hand-me-downs. :)

Work trip #2: Washington, DC

Special reports from home, courtesy of an MVP mama friend who helped out this trip!


Time to head to the Festival of Lights!

More scenes from home.

A pic, courtesy of another mama-friend, of the two girls at their school Thanksgiving Feast. 

So much to be grateful for.