Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break Part 1: Easter in Chicago

We rendez-voused in Chicago this weekend to kick off our Spring Break --an awesome advantage to Josie's school tacking on Spring Break to Easter weekend. The weekend in Chicago was phase 1 of what will be 3-part Spring Break road trip.

I left my trusty dSLR at home & we're going mobile. (Road-blogging baby.) Here are the highlights from the two days in Chicago that we just wrapped!

It was a wonderful whirlwind of Easter eggs, adventures, cuddly family time, cousin lovin', yummy food & all around goodness. Special thanks to the Austins for loving our kids like they're their own, cooking vegetarian options, organizing fun activities & opening their home to us with open arms (and overflowing Easter baskets). And Grandma & DD always rock it out as grandparents!

But before I get to Chicago - just a couple pre-travel snaps from Friday. Josie was SO eager for my Spring Break to begin. Here's just one of many peek-ins to my office:

The plan:

The gas-up:

The pass out:

The Easter weekend in Chicago:

 Quick weekend packed with great fun! And Phase 2 has also been pretty darn awesome. More on that later. (We are HERE.)