Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two Schneiders Time

Four Schneiders fun is just that--super fun! But, Lou & I have been working hard to carve out some fun for just the two of us.  Thanks to MVPs like Grandma & DD, we've had lots of great fun getting out lately.

Here are some highlights.

One night we were out and spontaneously decided to buy tickets from some guy on the sidewalk and head into a Reds game to drink Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ales under the bright lights. 

A huge highlight of (kinda recent-ish) fun was the Edward Sharpe concert - who (sorry guys) has dethroned Phish as the band I'm most willing to travel across the land to see live. The show was phenomenal!

Just last weekend we had plans for the girls to spend an overnight with my parents and Lou & I were going to camp out at John Bryan, but our plans were dashed by rainy forecast and a sick Beatrice. We improvised and the girls spent the whole day with my parents instead while we spent the whole day enjoying simple kid-less pleasures like chai espresso-sipping, window shopping and used bookstore browsing. We also staged our own Yellow Springs Progressive Dinner by having appetizers at the Indian Food Truck, french fries and cold beer at Ye Old Trail Tavern and dinner at Haha Pizza. It was a really great day together. And, the girls had a blast hanging in the hot tub and making homemade pizzas with Grandma & DD.