Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Quotes: Three From Bea

A few good ones for the memory book!

This weekend:
Lou: "Bea, do you want to wear a skirt or these jeans?"
Bea: "I wear the skirt. The jeans hurt my feelings." (Too tight shoes also hurt her feelings by the way.)

Quite often: 
"I love you, too."
(Made extra adorable by the fact that she does not wait to be told that we love her. Unprompted she just comes up and says "I love you, too.")

All day, every day:
(Bea doesn't care who comes to her call as long as "somebody" does & "somebody" starts almost every sentence.)
"Somebody help me go potty."
"Somebody take me to swing."
"Somebody read a book with me."
And, most often, "Somebody get me some chetchy!"