Thursday, May 8, 2014

These Days, April

April was awesome. The world around us finally finally (finally!) came back to life and we all welcomed spring with big open arms. As I remarked on the instagram of the photo above:
The passage of time in these parts plays out in big feats accomplished during first spring visits to the playground that seemed impossible at final autumn visits months ago. Today, in her new shark rainboots & with both arms outstretched, she asked "please I do this by myself" then nearly knocked me over with a celebratory hug when she made it "all the way across; even the big big step one." Last time she attempted this it required two mama hands. 

Yes, April was awesome. We loved you April. Here are some of the little moments that show why! And to think these don't even include our big April Amazooma trip pics.


Josie "working" in my office.

Endless hours of dress-up.

YAY! The fountain is back!

Play-doh has been taken to a whole 'nother level.

Sunny Wednesday mornings with Bea (and a major hair cut for mama). 

Sunny Days!!
"Tunes and Blooms"

Flower Walk Bounty

The return of freckled cheeks!
Some great photos from the girl's sweet sitter Grace of the girls with her pups!

EASTER came! (We celebrated at home a week early.)

Happy Birthday Cousin Morgan!

This happened. I don't want to talk about it.

The sweet neighborhood girls have quickly become new best friends!

Grandma & DD visited!

Our April mantra:
It worked. :)