Friday, September 28, 2012

Sayonara Summer (For Real This Time)

So I'm officially caught up on the Summer blog posts. And to officially send Summer on its way, we had a little photoshoot in the yard last Sunny Sunday.  Enjoy!

Oh yea, we moved

So this is the Moving Post.  While there's been no shortage of instagram posts and facebook updates on the matter, there's yet to be an official blog. So here it is.

The entire month of August was pretty much dedicated to packing and moving. Looking back, it was a pretty sucky way to spend a big chunk of our summer. But, it was also really nice to close out summer there and start anew here at The New Home.  

Already, our just-over-two years in East Walnut Hills feels like such a brief moment in time.  Lots and lots of really important things happened in that house. (Most notably the miracle that is Baby Bea!)   So, while I'll spare everyone the details of why we had to move, then didn't have to move, then decided not to move, then decided maybe we should, then went through some crazy negotiations, then decided to abandon the whole thing and stay put, then found "The One" - the "game changer" - well, suffice it to say it was some dramatic stuff. But, all's well that ends well and we are blissfully, insanely happy with our new home.  I'll do a post eventually about all that makes this house so special, but really it's just "Us" in meaningful ways.

But, this is the moving post. So, in the ongoing pursuit to document the lives of The Four Schneiders for us to return to and reflect upon over the it is!

We own it!

And celebrate!

Time to pack!

And pack!

And pack!

And pack!

And deliver!

And unpack!

And unearth!

And organize, according to the priorities. First up- playroom!

And celebrate the SPACE!

And pull into the driveway of a new home!

And make progress!

And face some unloved spaces.

And deny the stuff you don't want to tackle. In this case, my office.

And then realize all the craziness of the move was totally worth it! When this happens: