Friday, April 19, 2013

"Right Here"

I really need to get back into blogging in real-time. I'm starting to find the new rhythm of working with some still pretty new-to-me devices, but I'm getting there. Thankfully, there are some snazzy new things making it easy.  Vine is fun. I used it a bunch when it first came out, but shelved it when I realized how hard it was to embed onto the blog. But, that's fixed now, so brace yourselves for the flood of viney-video action.  This first one is little Bea who has a hilarious little accent cropping up from somewhere.  I love how she says "Right here." Enjoy!


Spring Break Part 4: MSI

It's grainy, but we're all four in it. That counts right?

Even though we were looking forward to some "slow time" back home to end Spring Break, we were just having too much fun on the road to head straight home from Madison on Thursday morning. Add to that the fact that Miss Josie has been begging to go to a science museum and the stars aligned for a day-trip to the Museum of Science & Industry (MSI) in Chicago on the way back home. (So I guess our 3-part spring break turned into a 4-parter.)

We've been to Field and Shedd, and while they're both great for their own reasons, I think MSI is going to become a regular event whenever we are in or around Chicago.  (Especially with free admission thanks to reciprocity with our Cincinnati Museum Center passes. Holla.)

MSI is super interactive and GIGANTIC! We worked with one of the employees to map out all of the "must-sees" for our four hours there, and I bet we still didn't even cover half of it.  Here are the pics from what will undoubtedly be the first of many MSI visits.

Real-life eye spying:

"Floating" in the space shuttle exhibit:

Feeling spooked in the giant sub exhibit (super cool, but WAY eerie):

 Touring a train:

Touching a real "tornado":

Blowing little minds with Foucault's pendulum:

Watching new life unfold before us:

Splashing around:

Testing our strength:

Pondering science:

Shutting down:

Getting a second wind:

Practicing patience & skill:

Doing something crazy (yes, all 4 of us piled into a flight simulator):

Daydreaming about her Grandpa flying across the globe in United plane just like this one:

Mega-plowing (truth told, we weren't huge fans of the "big-agro-biz" farming section):

If you live anywhere near Chicago or you're simply passing through - get your buns to MSI.  For reals. We'll definitely be back.