Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snowy Days

This winter has been snowy. Snowy and cold. Polar Vortex cold. Frozen pipes cold. Snow days cold. (And even school cancelled because of the windchill cold.)  The combination of lots of snow and lots of cold has led to our fair share of days stuck inside and fortunately a few days when temps were bearable enough to get outside to enjoy the snow a bit. Here's the Snow Report as of mid-January...

A "Polar Vortex" experiment at -20 degrees windchill. Boiling water instantly vaporizes!

... If the first half of winter is any indication of how the rest of it will go, there are many more snowy pics in this blog's future.

Quick Quote: (Mostly) Sweet Beatrice

The other day Sweet Bea said to me, out of the blue: "Mommy, I wish you is the same old as me...then you be little like Beatrice. You be my best friend."


Josie spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening at a birthday party, which meant Beatrice spent a rare chunk of time with the full attention of Lou & me. We didn't do anything particularly exciting, but we played and danced and let her lead in both cases.  As we were getting her ready for bed, she looked up unprompted and said in the sweetest most wonderful way (sounding well beyond her years if I might add): "Hey guys, I had so much fun with you guys. Thanks you guys."


And in the name of keepin' it real...the other day while I was working and the girls were in the other room playing with their new nanny Shanna, Josie came running into my office screaming and crying.  Holding her head, Josie reported "Bea pulled my hair and it hurts sooooooo bad." Bea marched in calmly and silently. Because I really do try to assume nothing, I asked, "Beatrice was that an accident that Josie's hair got pulled or did you do that on purpose?"  She looked at me, totally straight-faced and replied, "Oh, that was SO on purpose." (Even Josie couldn't help but to crack a smile.)