Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Best Friends & One Big Bare Belly

One of the most memorable parts of my pregnancy with Josephine was my Mother Blessing Ceremony. My friend Kristen hosted many of my close girlfriends at her house and we all celebrated my entrance into motherhood by doing a bellycast and henna tattoos and sharing our stories/hopes/fears with one another. I knew I wouldn't be able to have another BlessingWay this time, due to the bedrest. And I was bummed.

Sooo...enter two very, very special people in my life. Kelly & Suzie.  Oddly enough, within just a few days of each other, both of them offered to come over and help to do the belly cast and have our own little blessing. I was touched when both of them used precious time off of work to come spend the afternoon with me to make this little dream a reality. (And as much as I know they would've gladly done it, I'm glad it wasn't Louie and my Daddy-O who had to make it happen.)

Here's how the belly cast turned out. Just PERFECT!

And here are two of the most wonderful friends a girl could have. I love you both more than you know!

And - just for fun - here are some pics from my BlessingWay with Josie.

My henna tattoo (and very round tummy)...
 Josie's Belly Cast (after being painted)...
And I'll leave you with a some more "Birth Art" courtesy of Josie.  Her explanations of her "masterpieces" are even more special than the artwork itself.  When I prompted "Tell me about this picture Josie," she answered: "This is you with Roly Poly in your big belly. Those are your legs. And there's your vagina."  Excellent Josie Excellent.

Quick Quote

This morning Josie had an hour snow delay from school. She gave me two kisses and headed for the door. Then, she turned around, looked at me and said: "Mommy, I'm going to keep your kisses forever. I'll put them in my heart."  
Seriously, she is the most amazing, perfect little girl and Lou & I are absolutely over-the-moon that we will soon have another amazing, perfect little girl just like her to love!