Saturday, December 29, 2012

The (most perfect) holiday snow day

Truly - how enormous is the gift of a big snowy day to two eager little girls, armed with a new sled from Santa, and their fun-lovin' parents on a day when those fun-lovin' parents were off of work? Add to this the fact that our new house has the perfect kiddo snow hill - right in the front yard!  Add this to an already perfect day of nothing-to-do-but-play-with-new-toys bliss and well, you have yourself the best snowy day in the history of snowy days.  I managed to snap a few pics with a frozen finger on my phone before tucking it away for the first Four Schneiders snowball fight.  Then we all took turns going down the sleds in different combinations, before I snuck inside to make vegetable soup and grilled cheese - with hot cocoa for dessert. This day will definitely go down in the Schneider family history books!

(I'll save the BEST for last...but first some pics!)


Lou and I had to do at least one trip down the hill togethere

Backyard panorama

This one pretty much says it all

Until tomorrow

And now for the videos!

This is the first one from early this morning when we all woke up to find this beautiful snowy scene outside of our windows.  I'd say the girls' plans for the day definitely came true.

And now, as I said, the BEST FOR LAST! Two perfect minutes to capture the perfect fun of our snowy day at home...