Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back To School 2015

And, just like that, they're both back in school. Long lazy poolside summer days have already been swapped out for laying out school clothes, packing lunches, homework and afterschool activities. (Not that that's all bad, because there's a certain happiness that comes from the return of our regular routine.) 

Josephine, Age 8, Grade 3, Hyde Park School 

Beatrice, Age 4, Pre-Primary, Xavier Montessori Lab School 

Here are lots of photos from our back-to-school morning photo shoots that started way back when we were just Three Schneiders on Fairfield Avenue in front of the "peace tree" that no longer exists.  The girls are both REALLY excited to be back in school. It's been a huge change but a super smooth transition for Josie - one that makes us feel a little silly about how much time we spent making that decision in the first place. Beatrice was really eager to return today since Josie started a week before her and she's really happy to be "a four" this year instead of a "new three."

Here they are in all their back-to-school bliss.

 These are some scenes from Josie's first day, when we had a little extra time with Bea. It was our last "mama morning" before she started school this week.