Saturday, April 4, 2015

Breaking news: Life change ahead!

We have some big news to share. It's big for so many reasons. Big because it involved hours and hours and hours of weighing pros and cons and talking through a lifetime of scenarios. Big because it involved research and phone calls and meetings. Big because it involved trying to decide what's best for our kids, which is just not ever as easy as it sounds. Big because it's bittersweet. Big because we know it won't be perfect, but we do know it's right. Big because it's going to present a world of new opportunities for our big girl. Big because...

After five years in her Montessori school, Josephine is changing schools next year! She's going to start third grade in the fall at Hyde Park School in Cincinnati Public Schools. We are SOOOO proud of her enthusiastic approach to this amazing opportunity. This smile going into her observation/immersion day in her new classroom says it all.

Lots of things are going to change for Josie. It's a bit like landing on a different planet - going from a very small private Montessori school to a bustling public school with a traditional structure. But she's ready and eager for this exciting new chapter!

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