Saturday, April 4, 2015

These Days, March

The first spring flowers picked by the girls on our first evening walk home from school

March was pretty fantastic and, despite being a long month, went by ridiculously quickly. It was a month full with work travel for Lou and for me, Bea’s birthday month, birthday celebrations of other friends, some late nights making big decisions, school events, spring sunshine, first bike rides of the season, first morning walks to school, annual green traditions, new tricks, new adventures and all that early Spring in Cincinnati has to offer. Here are the highlights. 

Parent/child work day at the girls' Montessori school - 

An afternoon playdate at the zoo - 

The third annual trip to SxSWedu in Austin for Mama -

Reports from home while I was away -

Back home with the Sx swag to prove it -

Sunshiny sisters -

A visit from our favorite neighborhood cat, Button (who had a sleepover in our garage one night this winter and had the whole neighborhood worried when he was missing) -

Sweet Bea, just being Bea -

These girls, they crack me up -

First morning walk to school of the spring (Boy, have we been waiting for this day!!) -

And when we walk home, I get to rock two backpacks (and it takes an hour, instead of the 20 mins it takes in the morning which works out okay because we usually wander home to find dinner on the table) -

Josie moved up to the big kid bike size. Go Josie!  (Someone has her mama's long legs.) 

Shamrock Shakes on St. Patrick's Day, a gooey green tradition, several years running -

Bea is very into the idea of doing homework while her big sister does hers. And we LOVE our new kitchen island!

Cousin hand-me-downs for the win!

Josie and I have both been working on our bridge pose!

A fun night out with friends while Papa Lou was out of town -

A bike ride turned nature hike in our neighborhood nature preserve one sunshiny afternoon -

Our first front yard picnic of the spring -

A fun night out with friends for our school fundraiser and auction -

A long-held tradition, the Cincinnati Ballet Toybox -

The freckles are here! The freckles are here! :)

Sharing a snack and some art work -

Our fairybirds - 

A favorite landmark that we were happy to still see intact -

A little sister play date while the big sisters were having a sleepover.

A little break to cheer for baseball on the way home from school -

A BIG backyard discovery, a full deer skull, that had these adventurous girls going wild over their cool find!

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