Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick quote

Josie is more than just a little obsessed with numbers right now.  This has yielded lots of great big combinations of numbers and measurements that make no sense but crack us up - you know - the stairs are a million gallons high or it is SO hot outside, like 18!  Her favorite "game" is to tell you how much she loves you in numbers - and this is a constantly evolving thing so tick her off and she will not hesitate for a moment to tell you that "I only love you 1 right now." As snarky as that is, at least you always know where you stand.   :)  

The sweet moments come when she tries to think of numbers high enough to show how much love she has.  And those have been my favorite quotes as of late:

The other night before bed, after telling me she loved me "six million-ty billion fifteen infinity" and I responded with something equally as huge to describe my love for her, she stopped and thought for a few minutes then said, "Mommy, I love you as high as numbers can count."

And if she ever tells you that she loves you "pumpkin" then consider yourself especially lucky. According to Josie, "pumpkin" is the number the comes right before infinity - and that's definitely a lot!

A few new features

Gotta love just keeps improving. You might have noticed a few new features on our blog.  Right over there ---> you can sign up with your email address to get an alert every time a new blog is posted. Pretty cool, huh?  If you scroll down a bit and check out the right column, you'll see that Blogger is also tracking the most popular posts of the last 30 days and listing them there. Pretty fun to see what is getting the most action.  If you scroll down a bit more, you will hit my Shelfari site. I've had this for awhile but got lazy about importing books then voila I get an email about connecting it to my Amazon history and miraculously all of the books I've purchased in the last decade a pretty much listed there. You have to click on the shelf to see the full list.  (I was shocked at just how many books that is btw!)  In other news, some time last week our little blog hit the 20,000 mark since January. Very cool my friends! Thanks for visiting. (Oh and there's also a way to copyright your own blog if you scroll down and look on the left column. Just click and copy the html.)

"The park in our yard"

The very sweet son of Lou's very sweet boss gifted our girls this very sweet swingset. It was three very busy days of disassembly & reassembly and (with lots of help from the whole Schneider family and our buddy BG) Josephine could not be more thrilled about what she has proclaimed "the park in our yard!"
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