Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Moments, Big Memories

Maybe it's the writer in me. Maybe it's just an unhealthy tendency (obsession?) with trying to preserve every fleeting moment, because that's my "pause button" when it all feels like it's racing by at the speed of light. Whatever it is, as they say, perfection tends to be the enemy of good. So, with that, maybe it's more short posts of little moments with big memories captured inside. And maybe instead of trying to get all the details down there, I'll just leave the details "exposed to the elements" of time.

Here are some recent little moments with big memories stored inside. Because I started this post in April. And it's June. And there were 40 or so of those fleeting moments captured between there and here. And most of them speak for themselves.

Bea's "self portrait"

Playdoh "DD"

"Playdoh Grandma"