Thursday, August 4, 2011

National Night Out

Tuesday was the "National Night Out" at Owl's Nest Park. It was really fun to see "our" park bursting at the seams with people. Josie had a great time getting her face painted, petting the police horses and trying to decide whether or not she should dance to the drum line. But, without a doubt, the highlight of the whole night was the totally spontaneous moment when Josie and I found ourselves in the middle of the massive spray from a firehose.

Lou had taken Bea to the car and planned to come and pick us up on Madison Road. That's when Josie and I saw kids running toward some invisible something and for whatever reason we both decided running towards whatever it was too. It was a little too late to change our minds when we looked up and saw a *wall of water* coming right down towards us like a big wet rainbow. We both instinctively turned to run away from it but it was too late. We got soaked and kept running but kept getting soaked. And we were laughing hysterically the entire time. Once we caught our breath, Josie said "hey mom, we should totally do that again" although she said it with a tone that indicated she had zero belief that I would say yes. I said, "okay, are you ready?" and we grabbed hands and ran toward it again. It was just as fun the second time. There were loads of kids and we were all cracking up. After a third time, Lou showed up and was a bit surprised to find us drenched. That's when we snapped the quick photos of the firetruck and our wet selves just before the firetruck shut off the water. Josie cried and cried and cried! Looking back, running through that firehose was easily one of my top five moments with Josie in her almost-four years.


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