Monday, December 29, 2014

Hometown Holiday, 2014

Christmas at their grandparents' house and with their cousins - does it get any better than this?! So, except for the reality check that there was a whole lotta flu and a whole lotta immobility, Christmas in Xenia 2015 was still pure magic! Here are the highlights!

A special gift to all the girls from Grandma

Quick story time: Long story short, the remote control helicopter got stuck 40 ft up in the tree. Bea's progression of faces shows how we all felt about that. The kids learned a big lesson in persistence! Tio eventually succeeded in getting it down !!

Another story: Since our latest trip to the Bluegrass for Babies concert this year, Josie's been daydreaming (and inquiring incessantly) about playing a violin or fiddle. I saw the wheels turning in my dad's mind when he took her to the instrument displays at the festival where she was fitted for her very own. I've long heard of these beauties that my dad had grown up hearing his dad play - in festive, living room singalongs of "down home" favorites! As Christmas neared and Josie told every Santa in sight that a violin was the top of her list, DD made a little Christmas magic of his own. When Lyla added a violin to her list as Christmas approaches, the holiday magic doubled. Here are some pics of my dad giving the girls each their instrument and telling them all about how their great-grandfather brought these home from Germany and how they were being gifted something with a long history that meant a lot to him and to our family.

Speaking of music, of course the girls made a band! 

Time to head home. 

Extra extra special thanks to these two for making all of the above possible!