Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nature Camp

(can you tell I am playing blog catch-up?!)
Josie absolutely loved Nature Camp at Ault Park. It was a full week of very hot half-days and she did great. I am not sure what she liked more - the camp or the fact that she had five of her girlfriends in her group. This is a quick pic I snapped of her group on the first day and all of her stuff from the week that she piled up on Friday. Oh and get this...her camp counselor was a former student from my teaching days in Milford!
And, too funny not to share...when I asked her what the best things were about camp she said holding hands with Lucia and Te on the hike, getting to keep her daisy nametag to bring home and the best part of the whole week was having a turn tobe the line leader. How cute is that?!

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Pig and Whale

With all the birthday excitement, the middle of August just sort of hit me today. There is a lot more going on right now that I'll blog more about later in the week. Things have been so unbelievably hectic and WHOA - Josie starts back to school in just one week. Anyway, the realization that summer is coming to a close is beginning to set in and I'm feeling a bit of a rush to enjoy what's left of it with my wee ones.  On Wednesday, the three of us girls headed to "the pig and the whale" park and spent quite some time there. Josie is getting so independent that it was hard to even keep track of her, and Bea just hung out (literally) in the Moby wrap.  We had popcorn, hid under a big pine tree for shade, raced around chasing each other and smiled a lot.  Every time we go to Lunken, she tries something new that was too big or too intimidating the time before. Maybe it's the fact that she's four now, but she just ran up and tackled things that were too much just a few weeks ago. She swung from the monkey bars and dropped down by herself and then tackled the zip-line! I am so proud of our big girl.  (And Josie - four seems pretty good so far. That's enough growing up for awhile. Ok?)

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Woodland Mound

A couple of weekends ago we all headed out to the spraypark at Woodland Mound. It was so much fun and everytime we go we realize it is closer than we think it is and vow to go more often. Great playground too and the view is spectacular! Cincy really does have such wonderful parks.
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