Monday, February 28, 2011

Due Date, Schmue Date!

Today was my due date.  And, unless I go into labor and deliver in the next 2.5 hours, then this date is going to come and go like the other 280 days since we conceived this little bunny. Oh do I have LOTS to say about due dates, what they mean, what they don't mean and what I'd like to tell the world about the whole thing but I'm actually going to censor myself. (And doing so mostly because I'm focusing on the positive right now and launching into my case about why it's a bunch of hooey to mess with nature when there's no real reason to will just raise my blood pressure which is the opposite of what Roly Poly needs right now.)

So.... let's just go with this... I didn't battle infertility, lose three babies, spend several months on some form of bedrest and six weeks on my back (which resulted in having to basically quit my job btw) and go through the emotional and physical trauma that has been the last two years all to throw in the towel this close to the end.  Sure, sure, sure there are good reasons for medical induction. But I've got ZERO of them at the moment. So, we're just going to sit back and wait for the little lady to make her grand entrance. If there's anything we've learned through this experience, it's 1) there's no need to worry until it's actually time to worry and 2) everything happens for a reason.

Obviously the baby's health is our TOP priority and if does become medically necessary to intervene then we will do so (duh) but after lots of soul-searching over the past couple of days, Lou and I just aren't willing to compromise what matters most to us in the name of some arbitrary date. The bottom line - we think this little girl deserves a chance to have a peaceful, joyous, natural birth and it's just not right for us to mess with that. (We both have no doubt that intervening is the reason Josie got stuck during labor and had such a hard time. She wasn't ready.)

Thanks to all of you who have reached out with emails and messages of support in sharing our opinions. It helps cover up all the "noise" of the rest of the world who seems to think a due date is an expiration date. After all, she's an amazing gift - not a gallon of milk. :)