Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Moments

Yeah, yeah, yeah I haven't posted much of May yet (including our wonderful, magical Mother's Day weekend or Derby weekend) but I thought I'd drop in a little overview of the super duper holiday weekend we just wrapped up.  It was practically perfect from beginning to end and included a ballet recital, a surprise visit from "Sisis" & AJ, the season's first backyard bonfire, our first day at the neighborhood pool we joined, a trip to Lunken playground, a front yard art project and lots of QT with Grandma & DD.

Sneak peek! Separate ballet post coming soon...

Josie put herself down for a nap! HUH?!

Front yard friends

"All by myself, mama, big girl like JoJo big."

 May the rest of the summer feel just like this:

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