Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Goo-Goo

As if Beatrice doesn't have enough nicknames already, we can now add "Baby Goo-Goo" to the list.  It just kind of happened as a result of a book Josie has with a character named Baby Goo-Goo and all of the sweet little faces Bea makes as the three of us sit and stare at her.  Here are some Baby Goo-Goo faces for you all to enjoy!

The nickname list to date:
* Roly, Roly Poly, Rolls & the latest derivation of this from Josie: "The Rollster"
* Bea (like "bee")
* Bea (like "bee-uh")
* And now...Baby Goo-Goo
* And how could I forget - Bunny! (Which I did originally forget but remember as soon as I hit "post." Both Bunny & Bun were nicknames all along - since the very beginning - when Josie told us she'd rather have a bunny than a brother or sister.)


Molly said...

Yay! Love all the photos, sooooo much! Beautiful, beautiful Bea.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos, she sure is a cutie. I love all the nicknames. Laurie Keep the post, photos and stories coming. I so enjoy your blog.

Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

Don't forget Bunny! I know she's more of a Bea now, but she'll always be part Bunny to me! :)