Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Butterfly Birthday

Back in March, Beatrice got a wonderful birthday present from special friends - an insectlore butterfly kit - the exact same kind I used every year with my second graders back in my classroom teaching days.  It was SO FUN sharing this wonder with my own children. Watching the process in a classroom is fun, but having butterfly pets at home is really special. We spent lots of time over the three week process observing and staring in awe. 

It wasn't long until our caterpillars were HUGE. 

We watched each one crawl to the top and form a chrysalis.  And it wasn't long until our five painted ladies emerged! After three days eating oranges and drops of sugar water from flower petals we added to their habitat, it was time to set them free on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We have a feeling they're pretty happy on our lovely lane. 

Here's the link to purchase the kit on Amazon Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden! ENJOY!!

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