Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Books!

When I recently posted on Facebook how excited I was about ordering the 2010 Blog Book for "Three Schneiders," I was surprised to hear how few people knew that such a thing was possible.

Don't get me wrong- I enjoy blogging. BUT...the main reason I blog is to create a record for our family. The blog is equal parts photo album, baby book and family journal. At the end of every year, we use this great service: to convert our blog into book form.  And, personally, they are even more fun in the book form than the blog.

Here are the 2007, 2008 & 2009 books. 2010 is on its way!
 Here's what the inside looks like. I turned to a random page - this is from a trip we took to NYC just before Josie's first birthday. (Wow Molly - haven't things changed a lot since then?!)


Molly said...

You can say that again, sweetie!!! On a related note: I'm soooo happy I was with Josie for her first visit to the New York Public library :) And - I passed this blog book info along to my sis-in-law...she's so grateful!

Brent said...

I have not used that site. I use I will need to try this site to see which is better:) I too blog for this reason! Easy way to journal with pictures.

Anonymous said...

Carri, what an awesome idea, and you will look back on these books so many times. Laurie

carrie schmitt said...

Oh, I love seeing these! Can't wait to order my first one next year! thanks for sharing.