Friday, March 18, 2011

The first 48...what we'll always remember

So, the previous post laid out the drama of the first 48 hours and now we can put that all behind us and focus on all the beautiful moments of the first 48 hours that we will never forget. Like these...

The first hug

The first touch


The first kiss

The second hug

A "big sister" gift from Roly

Awesome Big Sister - indeed!

Dreamland II


Proud (and Exhausted) Grandparents

Dreamland III

Oh when did she get this big?!

Going Home!

On our way...

by the way, I have a video on my phone of the moment Josephine and Beatrice first met. But, it will require some editing, because right now it's too long for youtube. Home to get it up this weekend! 


Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sue said...

Pure joy!!!!!!!

Angela Goedde said...

She's just precious!! Enjoy the ride - I never want to get off! Austin is ONE today and we just cannot believe it. All the best girlfriend - you deserve it.

Love you,

Carrie Schmitt said...

These are just the most beautiful, joyous pictures--what treasures. Look at how she is looking at you, Carri, in th picture wiht the caption "going home." That is amazing! She totally already knows your her mama. she looks like she is smiliing adoringly at you. What a beautiful gift she is. And, Josie, looks so happy to have a sister. Does she look so much bigger now to you? That is what happened when I looked at Skylar after Blane was born! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, Love the pictures. You make a perfect family of 4. Yes, and I agree when did Josie get so big. She looks so grown up in the picture. Laurie

FourAustins said...

GREAT job taking pics...I really regret not taking more pics the first week!!!!