Thursday, March 3, 2011

An un-report, 40wks 4days

This isn't much of a report, because frankly not much has changed since my last update.  I am in great spirits and know that every day brings us one day closer to the big moment.  I've been getting lots of yoga and meditation in which I think will end up being the silver lining of this whole waiting game. The weather has been cooperating and we've had lots of sunshine which really does make each day easier. 

I did realize yesterday, while trying to get in some early spring shopping for our little ladies, that it's no longer a good idea for me to be out walking around with the rest of the world.  There's just something about being over 40 weeks pregnant with a baby half way down the birth canal that makes it nothing short of insane to try to do much of anything.  So, I threw in the towel yesterday and have decided to stick close to home from now on.  House is clean, laundry is caught-up and nothing left to do but to wait. (And trust me I am so grateful for this down time.)

So - with that - I'm going to take shower then make myself some lunch. Maybe do some online shopping and then practice with my Hypnobirthing CD. Then there will be some yogic squatting and maybe some time playing around with my camera outside since the lighting is gorgeous today.  All is well.   

My doctor's appointment is tomorrow afternoon. We will have to have "the talk" about what comes next week since I will hit the 41 week mark on Monday, but I have confidence it will go well.

I'll leave you with a quick quote from Josie - which was beyond hysterical to actually hear the way she said this.  "Mommy, you go to the bathroom about 100 times a day. And it is ri-DIC-u-lous!" (Ha, she's right. It is.)


Megan Germano said...

HAHAHAHA! to the restroom comment. And also, that is one feeling I will not soon forget... That baby head down the birth canal that felt as though it was going to fall out with each step. Ahhhhh... I am ready to do it again. Well, maybe not.

Catherine said...

Josie is awesome, so observant and funny! All I can say is, that I've so been there (with the "overdue" and WAITING part - it's frustrating as all get out) but your attitude is excellent and that will carry you through to a joyous birth experience.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment, how cute. Hang in there Carri, she soon will be here. Laurie