Friday, April 15, 2011

Comparing the Bug & the Bee

I can't resist sharing these photos of Josephine & Beatrice. There are times when I think Bea will grow up to look just like Josie and others when I think they will look very different. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Josie's Hospital Photo - One Day Old

Bea's Hospital Photo - One Day Old

Josie at One Week Old

Bea at One Week Old

Josie at One Month Old

Bea at One Month Old
So...I'm really looking forward to your feedback on this one. I certainly have my thoughts about whether or not they look alike - what do you all think? :)


Anonymous said...

Alike in ways and so different in ways...Love Mom was no help was I

Carrie Schmitt said...

I definitely think they resemble each other and that you will be able to tell easily that they are sisters, but little Bea has her own look indeed from her big sister. Josie looks so much like you with some of Lou's features (to me). I think little Bea might favor her Mommy a little bit to with Daddy's big eyes and maybe mouth? Not sure yet:)

FourAustins said...

Sissy I see so much of you in Bea. I thought the same for Josie at this age too. With that said I am leaning towards Bea and Josie resembling you but Bea definitely has a different nose and frame to her face. But I will circle right back to the fact that everyone will know who their mammy is :)

Releating this to Jack...I thought he looked just like Lyla/Daddy (as did most) the first month...then as the days past it became very clear who he resembled the most:) Everyone was very wrong - haha!

The verdict is still out on this one...

Anonymous said...

I think Bea resembles Josie to so extent, although I do see a little more of Lou in her, eyes and mouth. Not sure that helps. Josie is you Carri all the way, every picture I see of her I see you. Laurie