Monday, June 20, 2011

24 hours in Xtown

Last weekend we spent a short but jam-packed 24 hours in Xenia to rendez-vous with the Austins who were in town for a wedding. Tia and I were snapping away with our cameras and she did a bang-up job posting the highlights (thanks Tia) and since I'm way behind on blogging I'll just post a few of my favorites. I only had my camera at the park but Tia covered everything else - including DD's supersweet garage sale score of the century - so be sure to check that out!

Let the countdown to Fourth of July weekend begin! Whoot! Whoot!


Anonymous said...

What fun, thanks for sharing. Laurie

Anonymous said...

Please pass along to Amanda I love all her updated post. I tried to comment although it won't take. Keep the photos coming. Laurie