Friday, June 17, 2011

A Dad and his Daughters

In honor of Father's Day, I've been squirreling away some photos of Lou with the girls over the past year. There really isn't a better way to show how much we all adore him than by sharing these images.

Lou really is the best father I can imagine. It's everything from the big things to the little everyday moments that  prove it:

All the hours logged reading books before bed -

The time together in the kitchen -

For time doing cooking experiments and science experiments - 

The perfect balance of letting our children explore while simultaneously keeping them safe -

Family activities at our new home -

Even activities that involve recreating Cirque du Soleil tricks -

The 24/7 cuddles -

The trips to the park -

Dad on the whale, Josie on the pig

The way only he can make her laugh -

The entertainment they provide me when they clown around together -
Puppet show while I was working

Dressing up Roly in one of her many winter outfits she never got to wear
Moments spent indulging childhood wishes and working together to create something special - 

The drive to school... the first day and every single day after -

The comfort -

The joy -

The encouragement -

The moments when he is so proud of the wonderful children he has created-

The beginning of family traditions -

And knowing how to make a little girl feel really special -

The time in the yard -

The silliness - lots and lots of silliness -

The hugs -
The adventures -
 And the best seat in the house -
 The smooches -
And the simple things turned into lasting memories -

 The way he embraces his inner child every single day -

Creates moments for Josie just to be a kid -
And finds so much joy in parenting -

In the moments where he indulges me in a pose for the camera -

And in the moments when he has no idea I'm even watching them -

In the moments when doing the Hokey Pokey in front of a crowd is no big deal if it means making your daughter's day -

In the little quiet moments transforming from a father of one to a father of two -

Posing with this year's Father's Day gift -
a handmade pencil cup for his office that she couldn't wait until Sunday to give him!

And being just as adored by your big girl now as you were when she was just the baby -

It's loving each of these girls with all of his heart from the moment they were born -
Josephine's Birth, 8.11.07
Beatrice's Birth, 3.8.11
And being the type of husband (that little girls hope really do exist) who never ceases to amaze me with his constant and undying support (physically, mentally, emotionally...) -
During Josie's birth

During Bea's birth
It's this and all of the countless things that Louie does to make every day as a member of this family so fantastic.  

It's in the stories Josie tells (like the one to her teacher about how her most important chore each day is telling Mommy that Daddy has the coffee ready) and the way Josie plays (like the "daddy" doll in the dollhouse who spends most of his time cooking) and all the little inside jokes that make us a family - snow bear and silly songs and dance parties. Really, it's in the hard work of parenting and the even harder work that comes from always making your children the top priority.

Sweet, sweet Lou - I might not be able to scream it from the mountaintops, but this is the next best thing. You are the truly incredible and every single moment of every single day, I am grateful for you. And to think I thought I couldn't love you anymore than I did on July 6th, 2001.  It's true, every day I love you even more.

And I know two little girls that could say the exact same thing.

(thanks for loving us as much as you do)


Tess said...

This made me cry, Carri. How beautiful! And how luck all of you are to have each other.

Grandma Peggy said...

Those pictures are priceless!! What a great dad Louie is!!! I've seen it first hand and he is a wonderful father.

Catherine said...

These are so sweet, Carri! I wish I had more pictures of Brandon and the kids now! You and Louie have always had such a wonderful relationship, and I am so thrilled that I got to be there for the start of it all. :) What a sweet love letter to him. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Carri, can you warn up next time to have tissues handy. Lou you are amazing, just looking at these pictures I know 2 little girls that are very lucky. Carri, thanks for capturing all these great photos. Laurie

Anonymous said...

I love it! These are pictures that captured the moments that you all will cherish for a lifetime and beyond. What a perfectly knit family unit you all are.

Suzie, Michelle and Makayla said...

Carri, you 3 are so truly blessed to have such an amazing husband and father in your life!