Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thanks Cousin Morgan!

Last weekend when the whole Schneider family rallied to get the swingset assembled in the backyard, Cousin Morgan opted to spend the entire day playing with Josie! They did art project, played dress-up, put on a ballet show and a concert, read books and stayed busy, busy, busy.  Here are some pictures of the three girls after Morgan played Fashion Director and dressed both girls up.

Look carefully for evidence of playing with scented markers :)

How is it that this one has already gotten so big?!

Thank you Morgan for all of your help!  And thanks also to Sweet Katrina,  who left for a movie playdate with her best friend before we could snap her in a photo. Next time we will definitely get all four Schneider girls pictured. :)

Oh and thanks to "Sisis" for the super cute dresses.  Josie is now obsessed with all-things zebra print. We just ordered a zebra print swimsuit and she wants a zebra print chair for her birthday. Hilarious. :)

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