Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrating 10 years!

On Friday night, we held off on dinner until after the girls were in bed then we had a "just the two of us" dinner here at home. It was SO nice to eat slowly off of real dishes in the dining room and enjoy one of Lou's delicious home-cooked meals. (I really am very lucky.)  I think this picture sort of says it all - a vase of irises (that my adoring husband brought home because irises were in my wedding bouquet), a bottle of champagne, and the baby monitor.

We read our vows as we do every year and sat in awe at how quickly TEN YEARS has passed. There is still a full ten years post in the works, but I had to share the news of our perfect anniversary celebration - that way I will never forget it.  (Although we have a pretty good reminder from the evening as well. Check out where the cork landed - we couldn't have nailed this shot into the chandelier if we would've tried.) 

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