Tuesday, July 19, 2011


For some reason, we all keep referring to "Totter's Otterville" as "Tottertown." Regardless of its name, it's a pretty good option out there for Cincinnati folks with kids who need to burn off some energy when it's too darn hot to do anything outside (or too darn cold to do anything outside come winter).

On Friday we met our friends Jodi & Keaton there and had so much fun.

Beatrice, as usual, was super chill:
Josie, as usual, was very creative in her style choices:
The highlight of the experience for Josie was the "paint your own face" area:
In her words, "I'm a sweet little mouse." (Yes honey, you are a sweet little mouse.)

The sweet little mouse also enjoyed a little ballet:

And even though we are pretty darn sure that the fever Josie came down with on Sunday can be traced back to Tottertown, it will still remain on our list as a fun little oasis in Northern Kentucky.  

There are some more photos below from my phone that I posted separately. Most importantly, check out the great sign on the door that was also posted throughout the whole place. Turns out, Totter has a peanut allergy. And while we wouldn't wish a peanut allergy on anyone, it's pretty darn cool that Totter has one.  (Thanks so much Jodi for giving us the scoop!)

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